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Why I doubt the UK will rejoin the EU any time soon……

11:25pm Jan 31 2020 —

RT @GermanyDiplo: We are off now to an Irish pub to get decently drunk. And from tomorrow on we will again work for a better #Europe! Promi…

10:42pm Jan 31 2020 —

@KevinjohnG @WordPress @joomla @drupal @Adobe @Ionicframework Let’s say “ when the OPEN web wins” 😉

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RT @joomla: It’s #OpenSourceFriday! Log into @github and help #Joomla with solving or testing issues.…

7:20am Jan 31 2020 —

RT @GW1992: So the day a product manager tells me how to run releases are the day I resign as release lead. I don’t know if it’s what Jooml…

12:49pm Jan 29 2020 —

@africaCMS @jetpack @joomla @typo3 I just “learned” from the article that I’m a Gen 1 Open Source guy. In Gen 3 th…

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RT @ot2sen: Pay attention joomlers. @jeckodev Luca is the actual core of Joomla! <3 The level of dedication and lack of trouble is unseen.…

7:42am Jan 29 2020 —

RT @joomladayat: Morgen geht das Programm des 4. JoomlaDay Österreich (20.-21.3.2020 in Salzburg) online! Wir haben SprecherInnen aus 5 ver…

4:52pm Jan 27 2020 —

@PhocaCz @Alikon I also used Basic on a Tandy TRS80

in reply to PhocaCz — 1:06pm Jan 27 2020 —

RT @joomlainfo1: Ich konnte mit @hagengraf ein Interview machen über seine ganz persönliche Sicht auf das #Joomla Projekt und die Zukunft:…

7:41am Jan 27 2020 —

Neu im Novatrend Blog: Joomla = alle zusammen
#joomla #zukunft #FftF2020…

7:30am Jan 27 2020 —

RT @sulpher: I’ve prepared a video digest to sum up the progress of Russian #Joomla community for 2019. The video is in Russian.

Итоги ил…

10:53pm Jan 26 2020 —

@clayrr It’s never too late 😉

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@NickyVeitch was the introduction voluntary or did you have to learn it?

in reply to NickyVeitch — 11:32am Jan 26 2020 —

@Stefan_Brix What was your reason to start with programming ?

in reply to Stefan_Brix — 11:31am Jan 26 2020 —

How did you learn programming? I mean, you started somewhere … where? And why?

11:11am Jan 26 2020 —

The last four days were full of rain and wind. The winter storm #tempetegloria made life a bit complicated. Today w…

7:08pm Jan 25 2020 —

Good news!
A new Magazine for Joomla and its Community – Community Magazine Team
#joomla #jpositive #publishing…

1:42pm Jan 25 2020 —

@bertboerland Good idea 💡👍

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Gerade beim Anheizen des Ofens bei den Papieren älter als 10 Jahre gefunden 👍
#froscon #foss #opensource

4:15pm Jan 23 2020 —

RT @Meteo_Pyrenees: Barrage de #caramany sur l’ #agly plein comme un œuf #PyreneesOrientales #crues

4:18pm Jan 22 2020 —

@EricLamy_Agerix 👆happy birthday 🍰

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Ein kleiner Bericht (Deutsch ging jetzt schneller) vom #FftF2020 über die Zukunft von #Joomla…

10:43pm Jan 20 2020 —

RT @elenaneira: Programming languages explained with music

8:21pm Jan 20 2020 —

Neu im Novatrend Blog: PHP Einstellungen verändern…

7:28am Jan 20 2020 —

@susumunyu It will be sooner and better 😉😎

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One important outcome from #FftF2020 is that the Joomla project is alive and there will be a Joomla! 4 Version soon…

4:36pm Jan 19 2020 —

3:50pm Jan 19 2020 —

@basicjoomla 😉

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RT @SandraDecoux97: Finally, a good speech. Finally a talk about the product. Thanks Kevin John Gallagher.
(I definitely love assholes)

9:03am Jan 19 2020 —

@InfoprosNetwork @AMGraphix Welcome to the Joomlaverse 😉

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Ha le Joomla!
Recorded in a Beach Club in Marbella after heavy discussions about the future of Joomla.
Soren Beck…

10:13pm Jan 18 2020 —

Woohoo 🙌

12:22pm Jan 18 2020 —

RT @hansarnhem: Talking about who is the end user of Joomla is already getting a nice discussion because there are so many typs of end user…

9:39am Jan 18 2020 —

RT @parthlawate: What is the future of #joomla ? I wrote this piece on what it could be a while…
It’s still ver…

6:44pm Jan 17 2020 —

After a full day of discussions I’m reading a few Wikipedia articles like this one… or this…

6:43pm Jan 17 2020 —

RT @sanderpotjer: “The future of Joomla!?” by @Toetweb, written half year ago but relevant this weekend #joomla #FFTF2020…

6:22pm Jan 17 2020 —

RT @rasoolbigdele1: joomla: We’ve split into four groups discussing the different topics
– market
– technology
– engaging
– professionalisi…

6:16pm Jan 17 2020 —

I was a bit surprised about the invitation but now I’m on my way to #fftf2020 listening curious to @joomcast <- a w…

1:06pm Jan 16 2020 —

RT @joomla: Invitation to the Joomla #Forum for the Future. #Joomla has entered into its teens and times have changed. The world evolved as…

7:22pm Jan 15 2020 —

😉 (2/2)

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Klartext: Vom E-Roller gefallen
“„Digitalisierung“ hat sich von seinem alten Job als technisches Beschreibungswort…

9:10am Jan 15 2020 —

@rogerpfaff Das Problem habe ich seit 25 Jahren 😉

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RT @kottke: A group of 14 Paris museums have made high-res digital copies of 100,000 artworks freely available to the public (incl. art fro…

10:36pm Jan 13 2020 —

RT @aral: “Apple Says ‘No!’” and what that means for the future of Better Blocker following our move to Ireland…

5:06pm Jan 13 2020 —

Neu im Novatrend Blog: Nextcloud – Platz für deine Daten…

7:30am Jan 13 2020 —

Na endlich kommt das auch in ⁦@spiegelonline⁩ in dieser Deutlichkeit an …
-> Klimaschädliche Firmen: Wir machen’s…

9:35pm Jan 12 2020 —

Good overview!
Fediverse in 2019…

3:18pm Jan 12 2020 —

@BleibGesundCamp Das ist gut, aber es ist ja auch nicht einfach für den Caterer. Das Essen muss ja heute instagramm…

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Neu im Blog: Die Sache mit dem Essen ……

2:51pm Jan 11 2020 —